Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lion dance in my work place

About an hour before I left my workplace today,
there's an anouncement saying that there's lion dance at the lobby of my office's building.
Noone in my department seems to care about it.
Around 4.45pm, as I have packed my things and ready to leave the office,
I heard drums rolling and saw that two lions dancing their way to our floor.
We were delighted and surprised....
Apparently, the lion dance troupe went to every floor.
Ok, maybe almost every floor cos there's 21 floors.
Here's the pics....

The Lion is coming to wish everyone ‘Gong Hei Fatt Choi’

Dancing its way to the Department Head’s table….

The cheeky lion still manage to pose for photos b4 reaching…

The lion reached the dept head’s table and tastes the mandarin orange…

"Yummmy.... The mandarin orange tastes good!"

The lion dancing its way again, this time to my table.

Meeting up with its twin lion on the way….

The guy trying to lead the two playful lions.

Finally, it found its way to my place to taste the orange.

Posing for photos again after tasting the mandarin orange. Poser…

The orange 'tasted' by the lion…

This is my first time watching a lion dance inside an office =)

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