Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One day, I bumped into the CEO in the lift. I was the only one there and he stood right beside me as the lift was a small one. Being polite, I said, “Hi, Dato!” He replied, “Hi! How are you?” And I said, “Good.” And that’s it. There was an awkward silence after that until he reached 8th floor.

Of course he doesn’t know who I was as I’m just a small potato. But I could have continued the conversation like asking him how was his day or at least talk about the weather. It’s not that I don’t know what to say. It’s just that I’m afraid that I’ll say something stupid or ask the wrong question.

I’m always not assertive enough talking or behaving in front of my bosses. I know they would not eat me up even if I’ve said something stupid but I’m just too conscious of what they think of me or what I’ve said.

“Assertiveness is a trait taught by many personal development experts and psychotherapists and the subject of many popular self-help books. It is linked to self-esteem and considered an important communication skill.” Source: Wikipedia.

The lack of assertiveness is one of my weaknesses. This is what my ex-boss told me. I’m confident while talking to my peers yet not assertive in front of bosses. I always answer questions from bosses with questions and dare not voice out my opinion. It’s very true and it’s not something that I’m proud of.

When will I ever overcome this?

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katabana said...

omg you have a chance to talk with the dato alone and you've missed it?? you should take that chance to impress him and get promotion mah.. propose your idea... seduce him... or something... :P