Monday, August 18, 2008

I’m back!

Finally. I’ve left my first job. Why? I want to find my self-worthiness. I wanna do something more dynamic, more meaningful, more related to finance, learn more things and, most importantly, doing something that can help me find my self-worthiness.

The previous job: pay – not bad, benefits – very good, colleagues – good, boss – so-so, environment – good, facilities – good, job scope – bad! bad! bad! I didn’t like what I was doing. Maybe it’s because of my ego. Although part of the job scope is interesting but I can’t learn what I want. For now, I wanna find what I really wanna do. I’m still young and still quite fresh, I wanna take this opportunity to explore more things.

Some people say they wanna make more money when they’re still young. For me, money is not the only thing now, maybe because I don’t have any financial burden yet, so I’m lucky to do what I wanna do. I guess when I have found what I want and what I like, money will come too (hopefully).

It has been more than a week since I resigned. I will start my new job in September but I’m still looking around for other opportunities. Yeah, I’m greedy! I have been staying at home for more than a week and I’m bored already! I actually miss going to work. I thought I needed to rest and refresh myself before starting work but this holiday is too long. I finally felt the pinch of not generating any income. I have to think twice before spending. I just hope that September can come faster.


yemmyemm said...

chi yng... then can yum cha now lor?? wat new job is tat?

yng.yng said...

of course can la...
now wat oso no prob =)

Baby Princess said...

spending is a prob!